Progress Update

The Eminence Team game_updates 06/03/2017

Greetings Alchemists!

It’s been a while since our last update but we have some good news and we want to apologise for the radio silence. Below, we’ll go over a few updates as well as explain exactly where we’re at with the game.


We're going to start issuing access to the beta in two months. The exact date will be announced in an update towards the end of next week after we review final pre-launch tasks. Here are some important points:

The beta will run for a period of three months.

It’ll only be available on iOS via Testflight (for the beta).

Priority access will be given to Kickstarter backers for the first month. We’ll start issuing more invites in the second month. If you weren’t a backer but would like to try out the game please head to our beta page and leave your email.

What’s available in the Beta?

In the current build, you’ll be able to start creating your player accounts build your card decks and be able to play other players. The matches will be ranked and we’ll provide details on how the ranking works in the next update. Card stealing will be on by default but there will be a single player mode available for you to practice against the AI. Once you feel confident in the game, you can start finding other players in our play sessions. We plan to release new features in future builds but our goal is to test the core mechanics (the card game) and make sure it works as expected.

What’s a play session?

We’ll be coordinating play sessions twice a week after the beta launch. The goal of the play session is to get as many players logged in as possible on a particular day so you have somebody to play against when finding opponents. These will be posted through all of our communication channels in advance and we’ll have a timetable available on the website.


As it’s a beta, there will be bugs. Please send bug reports directly to They will automatically go into our bug tracking system so we can prioritise what to fix.

Website & Updates

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve re-designed our website! We’ll be adding more information, screenshots and other cool stuff in the next few weeks. You’ll also be able to view a changelog of the build to see what’s been fixed, released etc with every new Testflight update.

A few other things

The forum is no longer available as we’re trying to streamline communication. Please use exclusively to contact the team, you’ll get the fastest response via email.

Until the next update Alchemists!