Public Beta

game_updates 16/08/2017

Greetings Alchemists!

It's been a little while since our last update but we have quite a few important announcements to share with you below.

Public Beta & Official Launch

Running the private beta gave us an opportunity to improve the game based on all your feedback. Our intention was to run the beta for a little longer than planned but unfortunately we've fully exhausted our development fund. This means, we're now aiming for an official launch around the first week of September 2017 on the iOS app store to begin with.

What about the public beta?

Before we officially launch, we're going to release the pre-launch build publicly for anyone to try it out. So if you're already on the beta list, you'll get an invite to Testflight (please make sure you have this installed for iOS). This is the most up to date build with all the improvements we made based on the initial feedback. If you'd like access please sign up for our mailing list.

The build (v1.1.0) will be released towards the end of next week and we'll keep you all posted.

What about Android?

The Android build is nearly ready but we haven't tested it to the level we'd like. Following the iOS launch, we'll shift our focus to prepping the Android build so it's publicly ready. We'll keep you guys posted but please keep in mind that it will be a little delayed due to very limited resources so ETA on an official Android release is TBC.

Final Notes

From the day we launched our Kickstarter up to this point, we've taken a long road filled with many challenges. We're excited to finally release Eminence: Xander's Tales onto the world and look forward towards the next chapter. Thank you to all of our fans for believing in the project and the Kickstarter backers for enabling us to begin the journey. We'll be doing a full post mortem in the coming weeks to share our experience and learnings.

Until the next update Alchemists!

Torso xander speaking