Road to Launch Pt. 1

game_updates 06/04/2017

Greetings Alchemists!

We had some new updates last week. Here's a breakdown of what we shared.

Game Walkthrough

In this update, we'll be talking about the first place you land on when you play the game - the main menu. This update will be updated with a video walkthrough very soon.

You'll likely see the menu quite often. It's the central point of access for other areas of the game.


The main menu has gone through a number of revisions to simplify navigating around the game. Above is a final version of what you'll see in the beta. Here's an explanation of what each item refers to in the image above:

  • Coins Balance - This will display how many coins you currently have
  • Shop - The Shop is where you'll be able to purchase new card packs as well as coins
  • Profile - The profile icon will allow you to see your stats and achievements
  • Settings - Accessing this will allow you to change various settings of the game
  • Card Packs Balance - This will display how many unopened packs you currently have and take you to an area where you can open them
  • Free Pack - Every now and then, we'll be giving players free card packs. Look out for these to get free cards!
  • Cards - This will take you to your card inventory area where you can manage your cards and decks
  • Play - Exactly what the button says, if you're ready for a match - this will find one for you
  • Daily Missions - As you play against others, you'll be able to unlock rewards by completing daily missions.

We'll be going over each of those areas in detail over the next coming weeks.

Division Spotlight - Aeterna

Once a small kingdom, Aeterna and its inhabitants lived peacefully in a secluded region of Artalys. An intelligent civilisation, they gave Artalys the modern writing and numerical system, while devoting much of its time into the study of Science and Alchemy.

Under possession of its own relic, Aeterna's economy and military rapidly grew with power. Eventually, the Kingdom departed from a traditional monarchy into a full military state in a coup led by Brasch Hildegard, who became the new Emperor of Aeterna. The accelerated development of Alchemy has helped Aeterna rise to a powerful and perilous division.

A 1

A 2

A 3

A 4


We revealed two powerful Aeterna cards. Aubrey, a silver card and Alera a gold/guardian card.

Aubrey - Aeterna Division, Silver.


Alera - Aeterna Division, Gold/Guardian.



Listen to the sounds of Aeterna.

Until the next update Alchemists!

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