Road to Launch Pt. 2

game_updates 09/04/2017

Greetings Alchemists!

We had some new updates last week. Here's a breakdown of what we shared.

Game Walkthrough

In this update, we'll be going through the cornerstone of the game - card battles!


You'll likely spend the majority of your time duelling other Alchemists. From the moment you select play from the main menu, you'll get a chance to choose the rules you want to use:

4 1

We'll have page on the site which will explain every rule in the game and how each works but there are essentially three categories of rules (two to begin with in the beta). Normal, Combo and Special rules.

This area allows you to tweak and customise the type of game you want to play. Each category has 'rule modifiers' which you can select to change the nature of the game. For the beta, we've kept things simple and activated all effects. Eventually, as the game's player base grows, we'll push out an update to turn these modifiers on/off.


Basic - The basic single adjacent card flip rule. A higher number on one side beats a lower number on the other side of the opponents' card.

Combo Rules

Same - When a card is placed touching two or more other cards (one or both of them have to be the opposite colour) and the touching sides of each card are the same (8 touching 8 for example), then the other two cards are flipped.

Same 1

Same 2

Same 3

Plus - When one card is placed touching two others and the ranks touching the cards plus the opposing rank equal the same sum, then both cards are captured.

Plus 1

Plus 2

Plus 3

Chaining - If the captured card (the card that is flipped) has numbers higher than the cards next to it, they are captured as well (combos). This is a recursive process. Basically, whenever same or plus are activated then the normal card flipping rules apply. I.e. Any flipped cards as a result of same or plus should be played as if they have been played for the first time so they will flip additional cards (i.e. the normal basic rule would apply in this scenario.). A flow of chaining to make more sense - Same rule activated and flips two cards. Those two cards are then flipped and 'played' with the normal basic rule so they capture any additional cards adjacent to them.

Division Spotlight - Hollows

The goals of the Hollows are unknown, but one purpose seems to drive their quest for dominance - the complete annihilation of mortals. They are all which are unholy, resurrected warriors, murderous beasts and diabolical demons unified by a sinister darker power to bring destruction to Artalys.

Led by the resurrected Malphas, a legendary warrior who once reigned as prince of Aeterna, these baleful forces will not rest until Artalys is consumed by darkness. Victims who fall to their army are reanimated as empty husks ready to serve the hostile oblivion.

H 1

H 2

H 3

H 4

H 5


We revealed two powerful Hollow cards. Evalisk, a silver card and Diablo a gold/guardian card.

Evalisk - Hollow Division, Silver.


Diablo - Hollow Division, Gold/Guardian.



Listen to the sounds of Hollow.

Until the next update Alchemists!

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