Road to Launch Pt. 3

game_updates 16/04/2017

Greetings Alchemists!

We had some new updates last week. Here's a breakdown of what we shared.

Game Walkthrough

In this update, we'll be going through how to manage your deck and card collection!


Your inventory is where you can manage your cards and decks. You can equip up to three different deck slots to use with each consisting five cards.


Cards which are transparent means they are yet to be acquired. Cards which are available to use are marked with a light blue symbol. Those which are currently used in your deck are marked with a red symbol. All cards are ordered based on their rank.

You can select a card to use by tapping or dragging into an available slot in your current deck.

Division Spotlight - Ixion

I 1

I 2

I 3


We revealed two powerful Ixion cards. Indra, a silver card and Qinglong a gold/guardian card.

Indra - Ixion Division, Silver.


Qinglong - Ixion Division, Gold/Guardian.



Listen to the sounds of Ixion.

Until the next update Alchemists!

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