Road to Launch Pt. 4

game_updates 30/04/2017

Greetings Alchemists!

We had some new updates last week. Here's a breakdown of what we shared.

Game Walkthrough

In this update, we'll be going through the card shop!

Card Shop

The card shop allows you to buy card packs from different Divisions with Eminence coins, the in game currency.


You can earn free coins by completing the daily missions or buy them from the coin shop. Below the card packs you'll be able to see the odds of obtaining rarer cards. Card packs can be opened in the card pack opening area, the top right icon will take you there.

Division Spotlight - Harlequin

Ha 1

Ha 2

Ha 3


We revealed two powerful Harlequin cards. Tragedy, a silver card and Ariselle a gold/guardian card.

Tragedy - Harlequin Division, Silver.


Ariselle - Harlequin Division, Gold/Guardian.



Listen to the sounds of Harlequin.

Until the next update Alchemists!

Torso xander speaking