A World Where Fantasy and Science Collide

Eminence Xander's Tales is a card collecting role playing adventure.


Artalys, the world of Eminence enters its fifth cycle of destruction brought upon by a raging Sun, which endures a cycle of death and rebirth every 10,000 years. In a world where fantasy and science collide, troubling Empires shelter ancient relics which have provided nations with the power of Alchemy - in a bid to learn of their secrets believing they may serve as key artefacts to saving the planet from its ultimate demise.

In light of the planet's nearing end, the Aeterna empire has broken its alliance with Ixion and Wilkurse, causing an all out war for possession of the relics. Nations have once again become embroiled in conflict and instability. A legendary Alchemist, who has experienced the calamities of the previous cycle, makes his move to align the pieces of an ancient prophecy depicting a series of events needed to occur to save the world from salvation.

Amid the war, an ex-Aeternian knight and an old student of Xander, Kronos is hell bent on seizing the relics for his own purpose. Fearing the motives of his former student are part of a larger sinister plot, Xander embarks on a quest to prevent the ordeals of his time repeating and align the final events of the prophecy.

An epic adventure where fantasy and science collide awaits. Join Xander in a desperate quest to change the course of the world and challenge the forces attempting to distort the fate of an ancient prophecy.